Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Job Posting: GIS Analyst 3

Organization: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, DGGS
Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Closing Date: January 31, 2024 at 5:00 PM Alaska Time

Online Job Announcement

The Alaska Geospatial Office is seeking an enthusiastic, motivated, and detail-oriented individual to manage the State’s Imagery and Elevation Portals. The portal manager will be responsible for processing, storing, organizing, visualizing, analyzing, and distributing elevation and imagery data for Alaska. This is a permanent position located in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Alaska Geospatial Office works to advance the use of geospatial data and technologies as a tool for better decision-making in Alaska. We accomplish this by coordinating geospatial initiatives through the Alaska Geospatial Council and managing the State Geoportal for public access to data. Our goal is to ensure that current, reliable, high-quality geospatial data are available and accessible to decision-makers.

As part of the Alaska Geospatial Office Team, this position will provide leadership for managing imagery and elevation data for Alaska, and distribution of imagery and elevation data via the State Open Data Geoportal.

Core Responsibilities

This position will represent the Alaska Geospatial Office’s strategic vision and provide outreach to stakeholders across the state. The key responsibilities are to:

1. Design, build, update, and maintain the state’s elevation and imagery database(s), storage and distribution systems.
  • Process and organize elevation and imagery data into the State’s elevation and imagery database, storage and distribution system.
  • Create and maintain related mosaic datasets and geospatial services, including image services, feature services, and tiled services.
  • Create and maintain web applications for internal and external customers, highlighting data visualization, availability, and production status.
  • Maintain spatial boundaries and metadata fields for projects to facilitate tracking data acquisitions and publishing workflows.
  • Create, organize, and mosaic datasets of derived elevation products such as: point clouds, digital surface models (DMS), bare earth digital terrain models (DTM),
  • hillshades, and dataset boundaries.
  • Create automated workflows for data ingestion, processing and download capabilities.
  • Provide quality control by verifying database structure, relationships, topography, spatial accuracy, metadata, and other elements to meet data standards.
2. Provide technical expertise for:
  • Data availability related to specific use-cases, specifications, and data quality.
  • Data distribution support, including administering End User License Agreements (EULA).
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems and investigating outages and software bugs.
  • Establishing best practices for metadata, schema, and data governance.
3. Serve as the co-chair for the Alaska Geospatial Council’s (AGC) Imagery & Elevation Working Group and coordinate development and management of a comprehensive imagery and elevation database for Alaska.

For specific information in reference to the position please contact:
Name: Leslie Jones, Geospatial Information Officer
Phone: 907-269-5710