GIS Professional

The process to become a certified GIS Professional is now available. The GISP certification will help to establish GIS as a profession, provide a means for attaining recognition by other professions, encourage long-term professional development, ensure ethical behavior from members, ensure members have a core competency of knowledge, and assist employers with hiring GIS Professionals.

For more information, visit: GIS Certification Institute.

Note: By participating in the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference, you can earn valuable points towards your GISP certification:
  1. Training Course = .2 point for an 8-hour course (course hours divided by 40)
  2. Conference Attendance = .1 point for each day in attendance
  3. Conference Presentation = 1 point per presentation
  4. Conference Poster = 1 point per poster
  5. Association or Organization Membership (such as AAUG) = 1 point for each year of membership