Thursday, October 30, 2014

BDL Services are at Risk - Show Your Support!

Alaska GIS users should be aware that widely popular web services developed in support of the SDMI, including the 'best data layer', or BDL, are at risk from lack of infrastructure maintenance and support. Last year the interactive site for discovering and downloading state imagery and elevation datasets,, ceased to function when support for critical infrastructure was discontinued by Google. Without updates and maintenance to adhere to latest standards, the SDMI web services are also risk.

How to help: Web service users are encouraged to share information on the use of these services and impact on agency workflows and missions so that informed decisions about if and how to support statewide web services can be made. Feedback can be provided through the survey link, which was designed as a tool to facilitate discussions on the use of SDMI web services, or via email to The Alaska Geospatial Council currently has 6 State government agencies on the charter signed by the Governor, but is expected to invite additional non-State government members soon. Chris Hamilton will help facilitate feedback from these groups to the council in the interim.

This topic is separate from geoportal, in that the web services being discussed involve massive volumes of data and can require significant oversight and personnel for effective data curation. Geoportals point to feeds supported by these large datasets, which are hosted on separate platforms designed to meet the robust requirements.

To participate in the survey please point you browser here:

The survey will be left open, but respondents are encouraged to submit feedback by COB October 29th for discussion at the upcoming Alaska Geospatial Council meeting on October 31st.

If you missed Anne Johnson at the AAUG Meeting on October 17, here are her materials: