Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Job Posting: GIS Technician

Organization: Northern Land Use Research Alaska, LLC.
Position Type: Seasonal (April 28th, 2016 – July 31st, 2016, with possible extension)
Location: Fairbanks, AK

Online Job Announcement

The GIS technician fulfills tasks and duties associated with geospatial data management from field deployment, field data collection, geospatial corrections and QAQC. Duties include collecting, organizing, analyzing, processing, editing and producing geospatial data and related outputs such as geodatabases and maps. The GIS technician reports directly to the GIS coordinator for task assignments.

Essential Functions include:
  • Geospatial data management: support collection, processing, analysis, and production of geospatial data and related products, such as maps and geodatabases.
  • Complete QA/QC of field data (geospatial and non-geospatial data).
  • Utilizes various data sets/layers, including cultural resource data.
  • Edits field data
  • Assists in pre-field, field, and report phases of projects.
  • Upload/Download data from GNSS and GPS units
  • Adhere to data management processes, policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines for data management.
  • Must be prompt and efficient, display a sound work ethic, and be able to foster good communication and competent business practices. Must work cooperatively and collaboratively and to ably assist both the efforts of individual employees and the public.
  • Project professional, positive demeanor in voice and appearance to NLURA employees and the public.
  • Other duties as assigned.

For more information about the position and how to apply, see the online posting on NLURA’s website or contact Jennifer Clapp at jlc@northernlanduse.com or 907-474-9684.