Annual Events

In addition to monthly meetings, AAUG coordinates the following annual events:

AK Virtual Geospatial Gathering

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conferences were cancelled. Thanks to interested individuals in our geospatial community, the 2021 AK Virtual Geospatial Gathering was coordianted with the goal of providing a platform for the Alaskan geospatial community to share work, interact with relevant professionals, participate in learning, receive updates, and build community during this pandemic induced time of physical isolation and distancing.

We received enough content for three full days plus a half day of Esri technical sessions. The Esri sessions were held the afternoon of Monday, March 1, followed by community presentations Tuesday through Thursday, March 2-4.

Conference details are available here.

All presentations were recorded. Catch up on any sessions you missed. Click here...

GeoJam at the Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference

This event has been paused due to the pandemic.

The 2019 Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference, Mapping Decisions, was held February 13-15 at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel. The GeoJam is a combination of the past GIS Jam and Technical Session tracks and was held Thursday and Friday.

Conference details are available at:

Planning for the next Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference will begin mid year. This is a great opportunity to get involved not only with the local GIS community but also GIS professionals around the state. Please contact Michelle Pearson, the GeoJam Cooridnator, to participate on the next conference planning committee.

Past GIS Jam Presentations

This is an excellent resource to refresh your memory or catch up on any sessions you missed. Click here...

GIS Day Event in November

This event has been paused due to the pandemic.

AAUG and National Park Service host a GIS Day event, generally held in November on the Friday before Thanksgiving at AAPLIC in downtown Anchorage. This event is planned toward an audience of elementary school students. We present a two-hour interactive program, repeated throughout the day for each group of students that attend.

Our event normally draws around 200 students from local schools to participate in GPS and GIS activities. We are hoping for an equally good turnout this year and need lots of volunteers to make this day a success!

Please contact Angie Southwould to volunteer or visit the GIS Day website for more information.