Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Training Announcement: Esri ArcGIS II, Python, Adv. GIS (ADNR)

Organization: Blue Skies Solutions, LLC
Location: Anchorage, ADNR TIPS Lab, 9th floor, Atwood Bldg., 550 W 7th Ave.
Date(s): March 26-29, 2013

The dates have been adjusted so the first day of the Esri ArcGIS II class does not begin on March 25, a State holiday.

Esri ArcGIS II: Essential Workflows 

(for ArcGIS 10.1, 3-days, Tuesday March 26- Thursday March 28)

In this course, you will acquire fundamental skills needed to author, share, and use geographic information and maps across the ArcGIS system. You will learn how to efficiently find, explore, manage, and analyze geographic data and create informative maps that showcase your work. The course covers a variety of techniques to effectively share GIS maps and resources with decision makers, stakeholders, and the public.

After completing the course, you will be able to:
•  Use ArcGIS software and content to create high-quality maps that combine data from different sources.
•  Organize, create, and edit geographic data so that it is accurate and up to date.
•  Manage, symbolize, and label map layers to support visualization and data exploration.
•  Design an attractive page layout for maps that will be printed.
•  Apply a standard workflow to analyze GIS data and solve spatial problems.
•  Deliver maps and analysis results to multiple platforms so they are accessible to other ArcGIS users and to non-GIS users.

Basics of Python Scripting in ArcGIS (Friday, March 29)

This workshop will provide people unfamiliar with Python and its use in ArcGIS the opportunity to start with the basics and learn how Python can help you increase the efficiency of your GIS tasks. Each participant will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with Python. At the completion of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of what Python is, what is possible to do with it, and how to access Python scripting tools from both outside and within the ArcGIS environment. And perhaps more importantly, you will leave with a new set of skills and larger understanding of what is possible with ArcGIS. And with Esri no longer supporting Visual Basic for Applications after version 10, now is the perfect time to learn about Python so you can begin to migrate your VBA code.

Click here for more information and to register.