Monday, June 4, 2018

Job Posting: GIS Analyst III

Organization: Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Wildlife Conservation
Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Closing Date: March 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM Alaska Time

Online Job Announcement

The Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), Division of Wildlife Conservation is seeking a full-time permanent GIS Analyst III (PCN 11-2203) to be stationed in Anchorage. This position independently provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) design, implementation, data management, and technical support to the Division of Wildlife Conservation. This includes programming support, design, development, and maintenance of geospatial databases for the computation, analysis, and delivery of geospatial data and products. This position supervises one GIS Analyst, and helps coordinate joint GIS infrastructure and shared resources within the Department.

Key responsibilities include the following:
  • Perform programming tasks to develop and maintain web-based user interfaces to GIS resources.
  • Assist in establishing geodatabase and GIS data quality, handling, and integrity standards for the department.
  • Create automated workflows in GIS software to improve process efficiency and software capabilities.
  • Configure and maintain ArcGIS enterprise systems including: ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Image Server, and Web Adaptors.
  • Clearly communicate enterprise system architecture to department GIS analysts and develop protocols for tasks such as publishing and sharing GIS content to diverse user groups.
  • Creating and updating base maps and thematic data layers. Data often requires significant processing and may need to be collected from multiple sources.
  • Perform the full scope of spatial analyses where the work exceeds the capability of basic data filters and may require the use of higher level query languages to investigate geographic and demographic patterns.
  • Establish statistics, test hypotheses, or develop spatial models that support operational decisions.
  • Provide expert-level consultation to management and IT staff regarding GIS capabilities, long-term program development needs.
  • Create and update project-specific geodatabases.
  • Provide advanced level training and facilitate GIS-related professional development for division staff.
  • Develop and maintain ArcGIS enterprise system security and permissions.
  • Document, maintain, store, and control access to divisional GIS resources in various storage subsystems; and clearly communicate organization structures, locations and metadata to GIS end-users.
  • Develop and maintain base map services and other GIS feature services.
  • Respond to external and internal GIS requests sent to the division's GIS helpdesk.

The ideal candidate will possess some or all of the following desired strengths (All nineteen (19) of these traits must be documented in your cover letter and applicant profile. If you do not have experience with one or more of the traits listed below, simply say so):
  • Considerable knowledge of the general methods and techniques associated with creating geographic information products and interpreting data in a GIS environment.
  • Considerable knowledge of ESRI and GIS-related products, including Image Server and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Considerable knowledge of mosaic dataset manipulation
  • Considerable knowledge of ESRI ArcSDE on Microsoft SQL database construction and management
  • Considerable knowledge of current GIS software capabilities and limitations.
  • Considerable knowledge of the techniques and principles associated with organizing, storing and maintaining the integrity of spatial data.
  • Considerable knowledge of the principles and standards governing the use of metadata.
  • Considerable knowledge of field data collection methods.
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques used in interpreting and analyzing spatial data.
  • Knowledge of how to appropriately use remotely sensed imagery and data.
  • Knowledge of ESRI software licensing requirements.
  • Experience using map caching to create base maps and services.
  • Experience designing and implementing enterprise GIS systems and security models using ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, and multiple Web Adaptors for a large, geographically diverse, organization with varying security needs.
  • Experience configuring and maintaining web servers.
  • Experience developing, administering, and maintaining SQL Server enterprise geodatabases including setting up ArcGIS clients and developing and maintaining security models.
  • Experience with computer programming including using python and other programming languages to automate administrative tasks.
  • Experience developing and maintaining authoritative GIS datasets and distributing via web interfaces (e.g., Open Data, ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS) to the public and/or internal users with different access permissions.
  • Skill in communicating technical GIS concepts to an agency's non-GIS staff.
  • Advanced verbal and written communication skills.

For specific information in reference to the position please contact:
Name: Caleb Wylie
Phone: (907) 465-4192