Monday, March 6, 2023

Job Posting: GIS Analyst II

Organization: Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Sport Fish Division
Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Closing Date: March 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM Alaska Time

This recruitment is open to Alaska residents only.

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Who we are:

Under the supervision of a Habitat Biologist III, this position has primary responsibility for maintaining and making annual revisions to the master statewide Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC) dataset. There are typically hundreds of nominations to update the AWC each year; and the editing, geodatabases and metadata revisions, and production of new maps follows a tight schedule with deadlines that includes a Department and public review. Additionally, the position supports department staff by producing a variety of publication quality digital (geodatabases, data, project applications) and hard copy Geographic Information System (GIS) products (maps, figures), requiring a strong working knowledge of a variety of graphic and mapping software applications (ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcPro, etc).

In terms of our values the Alaska Department of Fish & Game strives for a diverse and inclusive workforce where safety and wellbeing are paramount and employees at all levels promote a culture where everyone is valued, treated equitably, and treated respectfully. The mission of the Division of Sport Fish is to protect, maintain and improve the state’s fisheries resources. Alaska Statute (AS) 16.05.871 (the Anadromous Fish Act) is a keystone statutory protection for freshwater habitats of anadromous fish in Alaska, requiring the ADF&G to "specify the various rivers, lakes, and streams or parts of them" of the state that are important to the spawning, rearing, or migration of anadromous fish. The AWC and its companion Atlas are the media used to accomplish this specification and are adopted as regulation under 5 AAC 95.011. The primary purpose of the AWC is to inform land use and permitting decisions regarding habitats important to the migration, spawning and rearing of anadromous fish species.

Who we are looking for:
  • Professional level knowledge of and proficiency using ArcGIS software (ArcGIS, ArcMap, ArcPro) and related spatial data management products.
  • Experience creating publication quality electronic and hard copy products (maps and data), primarily in ArcGIS, for a variety of topics and subjects, including depictions of fish & wildlife distributions, annotations, point data, river hydrology, land status, topology, and administrative boundaries.
  • Experience reviewing and editing draft maps and spatial data layers to ensure accuracy and precision of final projects including data depiction, registration, and presentation.
  • Experience collaborating, planning, and developing spatial data projects by assessing staff needs and delivering ArcMap data, analysis, publication quality maps, KML (Google EarthTMfiles) or GPS files as requested.
  • Experience documenting GIS data layers by writing metadata following established standards, which often includes Federal Geographic Data Committee compliant metadata (i.e., national standard for metadata)

Minimum Qualifications:
  • One year of professional experience equivalent to GIS Analyst I with the State of Alaska. -AND- An associate's degree from an accredited college that includes either a GIS related concentration, a GIS certificate, or 9 semester hours (12 quarter hours) of GIS-related course work;
  • SUBSTITUTION: Two years of paraprofessional experience working in data collection, cartography, web-site development, GIS operations, or a related field will substitute for the required associate's degree.
  • SUBSTITUTION: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college that includes either a GIS-related major or minor, a GIS certificate, or 18 semester hours (24 quarter hours) of GIS-related coursework will substitute for the required experience and associate's degree.

For specific information in reference to the position please contact:
Name: Joe Giefer
Phone: 907-267-2336