Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Job Posting: GIS Specialist (6 Openings)

Organization: National Park Service
Position Type: Full-Time Term (up to 4 years)
Location: Multiple Locations
Closing Date: September 25, 2023 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Online Announcement for NPS-IRA-23-12112545-DE

These positions are located in:
These are Interdisciplinary GIS Specialist positions at GS-09 for the following job series: 0150 Geography, 0401 Biology, 1301 Physical Science, or 1370 Cartography. You must meet the basic educational requirement for at least one series and meet the additional specialized experience and/or education in order to qualify for this position.

These are term positions (more than 1 year) with an initial appointment expecting to last at least 13 months but may be extended up to a total of four years, or more based on any changes to regulations governing the number of years term appointments may last, without further competition. Term positions do not convey permanent status in the Federal service.

This position includes, but is not limited to the following duties:
  • Design, develop, support, and utilize GIS data and workflows.
  • Collect spatial data and create map products to support park needs.
  • Communicate effectively and good customer service.
  • Train, distribute, and support field data collection hardware and apps (GPS/GNSS).
  • Perform spatial analyses.

To apply for one or more of these positions, please complete and submit the required documents as described on the Online Announcement link above. For more information, email Heather Dujay with questions about the positions.