Monday, July 18, 2016

Job Posting: GIS Specialist

Organization: National Park Service
Position Title: Interdisciplinary GIS Specialist (Geographer, Biologist, Physical Scientist or Cartographer)
Position Type: Full-Time, Permanent
Grade: GS-0150/0401/1301/1370-11/11
Location: Bartlett Cove, AK
Closing Date: July 25, 2016

Online Job Announcement (GLBA-16-0732405-DECB)

Incumbent serves as the GIS Specialist for Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, residing within the Resource Management Division, with responsibility for the development, management, coordination, and implementation of the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Park and the design and management of various relational databases. The interdisciplinary nature of this position requires the programmatic integration of the knowledge of biological and physical resources, digital cartography, and geography to the development, analysis, and use of geographic and relational databases that are pertinent to the park resources.

Major duties include: designs, develops and manages geographic information systems and database management systems; analyzes geospatial data to determine resources conditions and trends, models predicted results of alternative management actions, and works to resolve resource management issues; maintains hardware, peripherals, GPS units and GIS software installations; participates in field GPS data collection projects and integrates GPS data with geographic information systems; implements data documentation procedures and distribution using appropriate technologies and standards; integrates biological and physical resources, digital cartography and geography to design geographic and relational databases pertinent to park resources; works closely with park staff from multiple divisions to produce digital and hardcopy GIS products; trains and instructs others in the use of GIS applications and basic GIS, GPS, and related technology.

For questions regarding the duties of this position, please call Chad Soiseth at (907) 697-2659.